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Cloud condensation nuclei


Cloud condensation nuclei or CCNs are small particles typically 0.2 µm, or 1/ 100th the size of a cloud droplet on which water vapour condenses. Water requires ...

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Called "cloud condensation nuclei", these water molecule attracting particles are about 1/100th the size of a cloud droplet upon which water condenses.

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Note - nuclei is the plural form of nucleus. These are usually tiny particles in the air that provide a surface for water vapor to condense onto. Without ...

Formation of Haze, Fog, and Clouds: Condensation Nuclei


Formation of Haze, Fog, and Clouds: Condensation Nuclei. The process of condensation of vapor -> water to form a cloud drop is not that simple in the ...

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Condensation nucleus, tiny suspended particle, either solid or liquid, upon which water vapour condensation begins in the atmosphere. Its diameter may range ...

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This lesson describes condensation nuclei, their forms, and their functions. It helps you to understand how clouds, fog, and precipitation all...

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Jan 10, 2011 ... Brief, simplified description of cloud condensation nuclei.

Cloud condensation nuclei production associated with atmospheric ...


Dec 19, 2012 ... formation connecting atmospheric nucleation with subse- quent cloud condensation nuclei (CCN) formation. We re- view both observations and ...

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Condensation nuclei are tiny particles of solid or liquid in the atmosphere that trigger water vapor to begin condensing into water droplets and forming clouds.

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Dust, soot and bacteria are examples of condensation nuclei. Water vapor condenses and forms on these small particles, which causes rainfall. Condensation ...

condensation nucleus
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