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Everyday life in Tudor England - Tutors, schools, lessons, and education in the time of Queen Elizabeth I and Shakespeare.


Visit this site about Elizabethan Education during the time of William Shakespeare. Educational resource about The Childhood & Education of William  ...


Education in Elizabethan Era was highly influenced by the ruling monarch of the time and as such the education style would also reflect the religious belief of the ...


The main purpose of education was to teach children appropriate behaviour for ... It was Elizabethan law that all children under the age of twenty must study the ...


Elizabethan Education was generally for boys of the Upper and Middle Classes. However, Upper Class girls, often members of the Nobility were also given ...


Jan 7, 2011 ... Power Point On the Elizabethan Era. ... Elizabethan Childhood and Education By: Markeeta Bridges Breanna Moss Miles Stiff Brittany Fort ...


Education in the Elizabethan era was generally for boys of upper or middle classes, although some upper class girls, often of the nobility were also given an  ...

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Jan 10, 2011 ... Elizabethan Childhood and Education LaTasha S Terrance T Eric K Marque C Alexis S.