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This article lists notable musicians who have played the clarinet. Classical clarinetists[edit]. Ernest Ačkun · Luís Afonso · Cristiano Alves · Chen Halevi · Mi...

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Clarinet players from Stadler to Fröst. There are and were a lot of excellent and popular clarinet players and ensembles, and it is not simple to give you a list of ...

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Read through lists of Famous Clarinet Players to include Solo, Orchestral, Jazz, Grammy, Klezmer, World, and Orchestral Principals.

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The clarinet is a member of the woodwind family and is extremely popular in symphonic movements, jazz, and swing. It has only increased in popularity and is a ...

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A list of famous Jazz Clarinetists with photos! ... Take a look at these famous jazz clarinetists and you'll have your answer. .... List of Famous Jazz Trombonists with photos includes all the most famous trombone players to play the instrument. ... Tagged: music, bands/musicians, bands, jazz clarinetist, clarinet, top 100.

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Definitely on the list should be Heinrich Baermann and Anton Stadler, two early virtuoso .... was a famous player, too, but today he may be even better known as ...

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Information about famous clarinet players and links to related sites.

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Known as "The King Of Swing," Benny Goodman was a famous American clarinet player during the Big Band era of the 1930s and 1940s. Artie Shaw was ...

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The most famous bass clarinet player is often considered to be Eric Dolphy. However, because the bass clarinet is often used as a secondary instrument by ...

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Nov 13, 2013 ... 28 Famous People You Might Not Know Were Band Geeks ... Instrument Played: Clarinet / Saxophone / Bassoon / Xylophone or Bells / ...