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If you've been wanting to learn to speak German, you can use an online teaching program, but immediate feedback from someone who speaks the language well is crucial to help you correct your pronunciation of words and letters. Vowels, consonants and the... More »
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... GERMAN WORDS / PHRASES. Useful everyday words and phrases in German ... Saying Hello in German / Introducing Yourself / Saying Goodbye in German ...

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Jan 15, 2015 ... Just how good is your spoken German? We've compiled our favorite hard-to- pronounce German words. Careful! Many look easier than they ...

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Learn German Online with free German phrases, vocabulary and grammar. ... Spelling, IPA, Sample words, How to pronounce: ch (with vowels e and i), [ç] ...
I happen to have lived in Nevada for about 40 years, and we Nevadans cringe when we hear someone say Ne-VAH-duh. The point is, as you can see, that pronunciation is not an exact science and it depends on where you live, your level of education, and your dialect (even i... More »

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Basic Words in German

How do you say this in [English]? Wie heißt das auf [Deutsch]? Do you speak ... Sprechen Sie ... English. Englisch. French. Französisch. German. Deutsch. Words to Say&v=ZlATOHGj9EY
Jul 26, 2013 ... He litterly screams the words, and maybe you would say . german is agressive, but ... Talking is not for softies - say it hard , say it in German !

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When traveling in German-speaking countries, you'll find that the words and ... street, you should still take the time to say a polite Guten Tag before you proceed.

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Want to learn new German greetings that Germans actually use? ... to learn a language, it can be easy to get used to saying the same few words all the time.

Popular Q&A
Q: What is the German word for 'says'
A: In German you would say, Sagt. Read More »
Q: What is the german word or saying for goodby?
A: The literal translation of the English word "Goodbye" is translated Read More »
Q: What do these german words or phrase say?
A: it means smoke pot daily. seriously who did you get that from. Source(s) was born in germany and lived there for 12 years and am fleuent in german. Read More »
Q: How to Say Words in German.
A: 1. Listen closely to your German instructor and learn how to pronounce the basic vowels in German. These are pronounced differently than they are pronounced in ... Read More »
Q: How to say this German word?
A: Lau-ter - just as I told you yesterday (or was it the day before yesterday?). Source(s): I'm German Read More »