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Comes after the <head> tag, within the overall <html> tag. Example <html> < head> <title>An example of the body tag</title> </head> <body> This is inside the ...


HTML Tags Ordered Alphabetically. = New in HTML5. ... Defines centered text. < cite>, Defines the title of a work. <code>, Defines a piece of computer code.


There are quite a lot of tags in HTML, and these tags are constantly being jostled about when new versions are released. Below is a current list of all the HTML ...


Apr 16, 2014 ... The glossary below explains what the most popular tags in tags do. tags. The shiny::tags object contains R functions that recreate 110 HTML ...


Aug 3, 2015 ... In HTML a tag is used for creating an element. The name of an HTML element is the name used in angle brackets such as p for paragraph.


May 3, 2017 ... An HTML document is a plaintext document structured with elements. Elements are surrounded by matching opening and closing tags.


<html></html>. Creates an HTML document. <head></head>. Sets off the title and other information that isn't displayed on the web ...


Glossaries. A glossary (or definition list) is a list of paragraphs each of which has a short title ... The opening list tag may be any of UL, OL, MENU or DIR. It must ...


Attribute: A property of an HTML element used to provide additional instructions to a given HTML tag. The attribute is specified in the start of HTML tag. Broken ...


HTML Tags Chart. To use any of the following HTML tags, simply select the HTML code you'd like and copy and paste it into your web page. Tag. Name.