The IBM 350 Disk File, considered to be the first hard disk drive, was invented in 1956 by an IBM team led by Reynold Johnson.

History of hard disk drives

The commercial usage of hard disk drives began in 1956, with the shipment of an IBM 305 RAMAC system including IBM Model 350 disk storage. US Patent ...

Timeline: 50 Years of Hard Drives | PCWorld

Sep 13, 2006 ... A look at the history of hard drives. ... 1956: IBM ships the first hard drive in the RAMAC 305 system. The drive holds 5MB of data at $10,000 a ...

The History Of The Hard Drive And Its Future - Page: 1 | CRN

Dec 20, 2012 ... Development of hard drive technology was largely led by IBM. Take a look at the hard drive's history as well as its future including HAMR ...

History of the hard drive -

History of the hard drive. The first hard drive was invented in early 1956, at the request of the US Air Force, by the company IBM. It was called the RAMAC 305 ...

The Right Storage for You - SSD vs. HDD: What's the Difference ...,2817,2404259,00.asp

Feb 17, 2015 ... Replacing a 1TB hard drive will be cheaper than replacing a 500GB SSD. ... Audio guys: If you're recording music, you don't want the scratchy sound from a hard drive intruding. Go for ..... A Visual History of Microsoft Windows.

Tech Time Warp of the Week: The World's First Hard Drive, 1956 ...

Jan 3, 2014 ... Caption: The RAMAC hard drive included 50 vertically stacked disks that spun at 1,200 RPM. Photo: Mark Richards/Computer History Museum.

A brief history of the hard drive | Macworld

Dec 30, 2010 ... Hard disk drives sure have come a long way, baby. In the 1950s, storage hardware was measured in feet—and in tons. Today, we have flash ...

Disk Drive Prices (1955-2015) - John C. McCallum

1993.00, 1.33, 1993, Jan, BYTE, 295, Hard Drives International, Micropolis MC1528-15, MC1528-15, 15.0, 1350, 1799. 1993.17, 1.15, 1993, Mar, BYTE, 221  ...

Computer hard drive history - Computer Hope

Complete history of computer hard disk drives. ... Computer hard drive history. Computer memory history. Year, Event. 1890, Herman Hollerith developed a ...

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