The History of the Kayak
The history of kayaks spans thousands of years. What started as a means of survival and a way of life for civilizations has been transformed into the thrill-seeking recreational sport we know today.... More »
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Kayaks (Inuktitut: qajaq (ᖃᔭᖅ qɑˈjɑq]), Yup'ik: qayaq (from qai- "surface; top"), Aleut: Iqyax) were originally developed by the Inuit, ...

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The kayak was first created by the Inuit, an artic people. Their first kayaks were made from wooden frames covered in sealskin. They included a small hole in the  ...

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The history of kayaking begins with the Aleuts and Inuits. Learn about the history of kayaking and hunters and when kayaking began to get adventurous.
Everything about the sport of canoe/kayak has changed and evolved. Boats are shorter (and longer). They can be paddled on just about any body of water in just about every environmental condition. More »
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The sea kayak in the arctic, Canada, and British Columbia has a history which spans at least 5,000 years. "It is a fitting tribute to the arctic peoples, builders of the ...

The Interesting History of Kayaks and the Sport of Kayaking

Sit-on-top kayak accessories and outdoor products including kayak seats, inflatable kayaks, sit on top kayaks, canoe accessories, kayak thigh braces, waterproof ...

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History of the Kayak. To step into a kayak is to step into a 5,000 year old tradition. An ancient creation devised by the creative minds of some arctic Eskimos ...

The Greenlandic kayak - the history and development of the kayak

You can read here about the history, development and construction of the kayak, as well as other facts and figures about the Greenlandic kayak. of the Kayak&v=MTGGHBq5je8
Oct 6, 2012 ... THE HISTORY OF THE KAYAK AND THE ESKIMO'S. Kayaks originally developed by the Eskimos They used the boats to hunt on inland lakes, ...
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Q: The History of the Kayak.
A: Kayaks were first created by the Arctic tribes of North America, Asia and Greenland. These tribes used the flat boats to hunt, mainly seals and walruses. The me... Read More »
Q: History of Kayaking
A: The Inuit and Aleut tribes of Arctic North America were the first people to build and use kayaks. There were two basic types of kayaks at this point: One was bu... Read More »
Q: The History Of The Kayak.
A: We have many varied kayaks to choose from these days with it would appear every sport, style and requirement catered for. There are fiberglass kayaks, inflatabl... Read More »
Q: What is the history of the development of the modern kayaks?
A: This article is from the Sea Kayaking FAQ, by Todd Leigh with numerous contributions by others. The modern sea kayaks can trace their ancestry via two paths. Th... Read More »
Q: What is the history of the development of the modern kayaks?
A: The modern sea kayaks can trace their ancestry via two paths. The first type are those kayaks that are close copies of the Southwest Greenland kayaks. In the su... Read More »