Canadian diamonds

edit]. A great deal of emphasis is placed on the Canadian diamond industry as a welcome alternative to the blood or conflict ...

Canadian Diamond Mines: The Surprise in Northern Canada

One of these pipes would soon be developed by BHP Billiton into the EKATI Diamond Mine, which produced Canada's first commercial diamonds in 1998.

Mining For Diamonds In The Canadian Rough : NPR

Dec 11, 2008 ... A surge of diamond mining in northern Canada aims to be a boon for the economy. Running a mining operation in the remote tundra region of ...

Canada: A Diamond-Producing Nation | Natural Resources Canada

Feb 2, 2015 ... Canada became a diamond producer in October 1998 when the Ekati diamond mine opened about 300 kilometres northeast of Yellowknife.

Diamond mines in Canada at risk - Canadian Business - Your ...

May 4, 2012 ... The fortunes of diamond mines, by contrast, can be protean. That's worrisome for the Northwest Territories, home to Canada's two largest ...

Canadian Diamonds - Diavik & Ekati Diamond Mines | Brilliant Earth

The uncompromising beauty of Canadian diamonds derives from their pure history. Brilliant Earth's Canadian diamonds are mined, cut, and polished in accord ...

Diamond - The Canadian Encyclopedia

These are from the Diavik Diamond Mine (photo by Jiri Hermann/courtesy ... In October 1998 diamonds were mined in Canada for the first time, at the Ekati mine  ...

Diamond Mining Industry | Mountain Province Diamonds

Call us today at 416-361-3562 to learn more about the diamond mining industry. ... Canada is the first country in the developed world to produce and market ...

Diavik - Rio Tinto

Rio Tinto owns a 60 per cent interest in, and operates, the Diavik Diamond Mine in Canada's remote Northwest Territories. The design, construction and ...

Snap Lake Mine - Canada

Built on the shore of Snap Lake, 220 kilometres northeast of Yellowknife, the mine is Canada's first completely underground diamond mine. The Snap Lake ore ...

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A: Um, well it mines diamonds and sells them basically. Here is a couple of mines: Diavik Diamond Mine. The Diavik Diamond Mine is a diamond mine in the North Slav... Read More »
Q: Are there mines in canada that mine diamonds?
A: Yes, there are. One of the famous is Diavik. I attached a link to the picture of this "beautiful" place. Read More »
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