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How Long Do Tires Last? - Cars.com


Jan 10, 2016 ... We would expect at least 50,000 miles from the tires that come with any new vehicle, but tire life depends on so many factors that it's impossible ...

Tire Replacement: How Long Do Car Tires Last | Ameriprise Auto ...


How long do car tires last? We've pulled together the tests you can use to determine whether you need replacement tires.

How to make your tires last 10 years - Road & Track


Apr 28, 2015 ... It turns out we're replacing our tires a lot sooner than we should be. ... "I won't say a tire has the shelf life of gravel," Rodgers said, "but it's close to that." ... As long as your tires are out of sunlight, away from ozone, and in an ...

Tire Life | Average Tire Life - Discount Tire


The average tire is dependent upon several key factors. To learn more about the tire aging process and how to get the most life out of your tires visit DiscountTire. com. ... The last group of digits indicates the week and year the tire was built.

Tire Deterioration - Tire Life Span | Hagerty Articles


Mar 21, 2014 ... WHAT WENT WRONG: On the surface, it makes sense that rarely used tires should last indefinitely as long as they're properly cared for.

Everything You Need to Know about Tire Life - CarsDirect


A rating of 100 is a baseline number, meaning it should last about as long as a normal tire, whereas a tired rated with a 150 is expected to last about one and ...

How long do car tires last? | HowStuffWorks


It's every car buyer's nightmare -- driving your new baby off the dealer's lot only to discover later on that it's a lemon! Fortunately, with later-model cars at least, ...

How long should a normal set of factory-issued 19" tires last ...


Yes, I know how you drive can drastically affect tire life, and I hear some folks have had unexpected surprises, but I'm curious how long a normal set of these ...

How long do tires last? (vehicle, auto, brakes, good tire ...


I have a 2005 Odyssey with the original set of tires. The car only has 32k miles on it but I noticed the tire walls have small cracks in them. I am.

Tire life: Tread carefully beyond five years - The Globe and Mail


Jan 18, 2012 ... Whether they're attached to a vehicle or stored in the cellar, tires do degrade over time. But how long do tires usually last? This, of course ...

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How Old - and Dangerous - Are Your Tires? - Edmunds.com


Jul 15, 2014 ... How Long Does a Tire Last? Carmakers, tire makers and rubber manufacturers differ in their opinions about the lifespan of a tire. The National ...

Do I need new tires? | When to change tires | Michelin US


Knowing when to buy new tires is important for the safety of your vehicle. ... How long does a tire last? ... There is no way to tell exactly how long a tire lasts.

Tire Tech Information - Tire Aging — Part #1


Tire Tech ... And by the turn of the century, many long-life radial tires extended treadwear to about ... How many years will tires last before aging out? ... years old and that all tyres should be replaced ten years from the date of their manufacture.