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Winter Olympic Sports: Ice Hockey
Ice hockey is a fast, fluid and exciting team sport. It draws big crowds at the Olympic Games thanks to the drama and tension of the matches.

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The women of Lord Stanley's family were known to participate in the game of ice hockey on the outdoor ice rink at Rideau Hall, the ...

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History of Ice Hockey. Ice hockeys beginning is a little uncertain. It has been tracked back to an Irish game known as hurley by some historical annalists.

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The Origins, History and Growth of Ice Hockey including important milestones, changes and the Golden Era's.

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The-Birthplace-of-Hockey ®. The History of Ice Hockey from the Original Home Ice & Birthplace of Hockey Windsor Nova Scotia (circa 1800). Skip to content.

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Ice Hockey history, rules and equipment. Origins in Canada, Stanley Cup, International play, Olympic History. Goalkeepers equipment, regulations and rules.

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Structured ice hockey originated in the mid-1800s in the eastern parts of Canada. James G. Creighton, from Nova Scotia, is generally credited with having taken ...

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Ice Hockey History and How the Game is Played. Historical evidence suggests that games similar to hockey, using a stick and ball and progressing toward some  ...

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Mar 27, 2015 ... The history of hockey is almost as messy as some of the fights on the ice of pro hockey rinks. Some historians trace the game back to hurley, ...

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May 25, 2016 ... Ice hockey, game between two teams, each usually having six players, ... History. Origins. Until the mid-1980s it was generally accepted that ice ...