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A loudspeaker is an electroacoustic transducer; which converts an electrical audio signal into a corresponding sound. The first primitive loudspeakers were invented during the development of .... th...

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Inside a speaker, an electromagnet is placed in front of a permanent magnet. The permanent magnet is fixed firmly into position whereas the electromagnet is ...

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Last year I must have found 15 or 20 speakers. I first found out about rare earth magnets from the Smash Lab episode ''High Rise Escape''. I soon learned that ...

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Feb 23, 2016 ... An easy-to-understand explanation of how loudspeakers work using ... This turns the coil into a temporary magnet or electromagnet. As the ...

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Jan 10, 2014 ... In this clip I demonstrate how a speaker works, in this case a guitar speaker. I go through how the ingoing parts such as the magnet, voice coil, ...
www.ask.com/youtube?q=Magnets in Speakers&v=GTcM3JWy3rI
Apr 16, 2014 ... This 4 minute tutorial will show how you can safely and easily remove any magnet from a speaker housing using only basic tools.

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Every audio speaker has a magnet in it. From subwoofers to iPod headphones, magnets provide the motive force that makes speakers move. Read on to ...

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In fact, there is no magnet without both poles, so often scientists call a magnet a " magnetic dipole." Learn the ways magnets work in speakers and why they are ...

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Jan 23, 2010 ... What you choose to do with your own speakers is no business of mine, but for this project I used a set of speakers that had been destroyed by a ...

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Dec 24, 2012 ... The dupe speaker I have here 8 Ω 0.5W had it's magnet split from the coil/cone. So I did something thoughtless - attached the speaker magnet ...

How to Make a Speaker With a Magnet
When people think about speakers, they don't usually think about magnets. Yet, magnets are exactly what make a speaker produce sound. Although it may sound bizarre, constructing a speaker from materials that you can purchase from your neighborhood... More »
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Making Sound: Magnets - The best amplifier, receiver and CD player won't do you much good, if you don't have good speakers. Speakers are the final step in ...

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In speakers electric signals are converted as audible sound. As sound is a mechanical wave so we need mechanical vibrations. And there is a electromagnetic ...

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Every sound speaker, from the smallest to the most powerful, has a permanent magnet. Located behind the center of the speaker cone, the magnet interacts with  ...