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Mancala Snails is based on the ancient game of counting and strategy. Enjoy single or multiplayer modes.


This is the famous Mancala Snails game based on an ancient African game of strategy. Your goal is to collect more snails than your opponent. Read the "How ...


Includes tips on how to play the complex game mancala. ... In his or her turn each player selects a group of snails from one box on his or her side of the table.


MANCALA SNAIL STRATEGY GAME (PLAY ONLINE)- The objective of this game is to get as many snails in your jar. You have to move your snails trying to get ...


Lead your army of Mancala Snails in this awesome turn-based conquering game. Place your slimy units and challenge your friend on this simple 2 players ...


Mancala Snails flash game - Over 6000 free online games and adding new fun games every day!

Oct 11, 2011 ... I made this video to show you how I win at Mancala Snails. Mancala snails is a awesome game made by Rocketsnail Gaming. As you can tell ...


Play Mancala Snails at TwoPlayerMode.com! Do you like playing with friends? Check Mancala Snails and other puzzle games!


Mancala Snails: What may be one of the oldest games ever played, Mancala is simple to learn and yet difficult to master. This cute Flash version of the game is ...


Each player has own snail group in his line. ... coming from deep of the history and has been played for centuries, Mancala is meeting with you in our website.