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Contemporary dance is a dance performance genre that developed during the mid twentieth .... Ballet technique · Choreography · Connection · Dance theory · Lead and follow...

Modern Dance Technique Terminology / Language - St. Olaf College


Modern Dance Technique Glossary of Terms -- Expanded List. Abdominals: ... The term is associated with developmental movement patterns. Crease: Deep ...

Glossary of Dance and Theatre Terms Used on ArtsAlive.ca Dance


A Glossary of Human Anatomy and an English Theatre glossary with .... Tilt: In modern dance, a movement like an arabesque except that the trunk leans away ...

Contemporary Dance Terminology - Dance in Bangkok


1st to 5th position of the legs: See Ballet Terminology. Accent: A stress or emphasis on a specific beat or ...



GLOSSARY of DANCE TERMINOLOGY ..... A modern dance technique developed by Martha Graham, based on “contraction and release” as the motivation of ...

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Dance Terms and Types of Dance, Dance Dictionary. Definitions of terms used in dance. Dance terminology in Ballet, Modern, Social Dances.

Glossary of Dance Terms


Oct 5, 2015 ... A glossary of common dance terms with abbreviations. ... samba that differ considerably: the modern ballroom samba and the traditional samba ...

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Modern dance definition, a form of contemporary theatrical and concert dance ... People invent new words all the time, but which ones actually make it?

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Dance: Glossary. Download Glossary (RTF) ... American postmodern dance: a form of modern dance that emerged in the 1960s and in which choreographers ...

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Learn definitions to some common dance terms and find out about the ... Glossary of Ballet Terms ... Modern Ballet - a type of ballet from the twentieth century.

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Contemporary Dance Terms. Definitions.


This is a glossary about contemporary dance terminology. I will only include words that have a specific meaning among dancers or for the field of knowledge of ...

Modern Dance Vocabulary


MODERN DANCE VOCABULARY. Neutral standing position. First position ( rotated/turn out). Second position (rotated/turn out). Narrow parallel position (six ...

Dance and Movement Vocabulary - American Dance/Drill Team®


ABSTRACT: To take the essence or essential meaning of an idea rather than a .... MODERN DANCE: A highly individualized form of artistic expression which ...