Plans for Making Native American Flutes -

In October 2004, John Suttles (aka Ozark Guru) of Fallen Branch Flutes and Crafts posted a set of plans to the Native Flute Woodworking Yahoo Group.

Fipple Designs for Native American Flutes -

Splitting Edge Designs for Native American Flutes. This web page shows shows details for the design of the splitting edge (also called the “cutting edge”, “fipple”,  ...

Crafting Native American Flutes -

If you are interested in crafting Native American flutes, this page and the ... By locating this hole, making the other holes similar in size, and adjusting from there,  ...

Raven Song Flutes/Making a Flute a flute.html

In picking it up, I noticed an article about a flute making workshop that was to be held ... The presenter was an elderly Native American named Hollis Littlecreek.
The sparseness of the solo flute on Wind Songs is really enchanting, and worth a listen. Kelvin Mockingbird - 'Sacred Fire: Meditation Songs for Native American Flute' The Native American flute has been used in New Age and meditation music by many different artists and... More »
By Megan Romer, Guide American Flute Plans&v=lpcG-m5KQmU
Jun 18, 2013 ... These are just a few of the measurements and techniques for making Native American Flutes. Where I mentioned 19/32 I meant 9/32. or 3/16. American Flute Plans&v=xVmx16iHE3k
Oct 24, 2008 ... Learn about shaping the wind way of a Native American wooden flute with ... 2013-05-11 Designing and Making a Native Flute by Bob Aldea ... American Flute Plans&v=yYLQYhH-xDY
Jan 31, 2013 ... This video will give you details about the miscellaneous little tweaks of making a Native American flute. Visit us on the web at ...

Flute & Recorder Page -

I am attempting to build a wooden Native American style flute/recorder. This will be a composite of dozens of flutes I've examined on the Internet, with a few ...

Native American Style Flutes and Flute Making Instruction Manual ...

Native American Flute - Simplest yet most Complete Book on Making the Flute. Step-by-step instruction. Videos on how to PLAY the Flute.

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