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13 old-fashioned cold remedies that really work - ENCOGNITIVE.COM


There's good science behind Grandma's elixirs for sniffles, sneezes, and other winter woes. Thanks to modern science, you can get a replacement heart, two ...

Natural Remedies for Colds - Old Farmer's Almanac


What can we do to help our bodies through the process healing a cold? Here are some herbal remedies for your body and mind.

Old-School Cold Remedies That Really Work | Wellness | US News


Apr 21, 2014 ... These tips – many of them old fashioned and cheap, if not free – will help mitigate symptoms while the cold runs its course. They come from ...

Old Remedies Your Grandma Used That You Can Too - DIY Natural


Nov 15, 2013 ... Many old remedies, like the ones Grandma used to make, still work today. ... Indeed, it's high antioxidant count will wipe out most colds, flu and ...

Cold and Flu Home Remedies - Cold and Flu Center ...


Up to 20 percent of the population gets the flu each year, and Americans may catch a billion colds annually. These numbers are nothing to sneeze at: Colds can ...

Old Fashioned Cures - Real Country Life


For some old fashioned quick easy remedy for wounds, pour powdered .... CANKER AND COLD SORES: Collect the berries from wild rose bushes and make a tea ... [Editor note: I've heard personal testimonials from the old timers about how ...

Deep South Dish: Grandma's Elixirs - Hot Toddy Cold Remedy


Dec 29, 2009 ... It was, and remains, an old home remedy for colds and flu. I always thought it was interesting that parents were more than willing to pass on a ...

A Guide to Natural Cold Remedies - Countryside Network


Sep 21, 2015 ... The old timers didn't run to the doctor for every little thing as most ... Herbs and essential oils play a major role in home remedies for cold and ...

Medicinal Remedies From Appalachia - Blind Pig & The Acorn


Jan 19, 2009 ... It's funny to read through the old remedies-but some of them are not that far ... have you ever read how much alcohol is in cough/cold medicines-a lot. ..... little more sense because the old timers say that the shape of the leaves ...

4 Anti-Cold Cocktails That Work: From Ancient China to German ...


Mar 18, 2008 ... The 2000-year old cocktail: it tastes as bad as it looks... but it works. ... The Chinese Cure for the Common Cold–Simple and Direct ...... it wouldn't boil out ( and even if you forgot to set the timer and left it, the cooktop will detect ...

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Old Time Cold Remedies - Disabled World


Home remedies to fight off colds and illness are sometimes found to be a more prudent way to treat illness than a costly trip to the doctor.

16 Remedies to Kick the Common Cold | Everyday Roots


Use these natural remedies to get rid of your cold fast without having to use nasty ... I love old time home remedies-the ones that we don't need to question on ...

Old Time Cures and Remedies - Legends of America


These old time remedies, collected from a variety of sources, may have really been used by old timers, or may have just been myth and legends from the Old West. ... leaves in your hand, which fall from the trees in the fall, will cure a head cold.