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Human digestive system - Wikipedia


The human digestive system consists of the gastrointestinal tract plus the accessory organs of ... Historical depiction of the digestive system, 17th century Persia. There are several organs and oth...

Human Body Digestive System Organs, How It Works, and More


Aug 22, 2016 ... Your digestive system is uniquely designed to turn the food you eat into nutrients, which the body uses for energy, growth and cell repair.

The Digestive System Diagram, Organs, Function, and More - WebMD


Aug 22, 2016 ... Just how do we digest our food? WebMD explains the digestive system, from the top to bottom.

Digestive System | Everything You Need to Know, Including Pictures


Accessory organs of the digestive system include the teeth, tongue, salivary glands, liver, gallbladder, and pancreas. To achieve the goal of providing energy  ...

Digestive System Function & Organs | Cleveland Clinic


Learn about the digestive system from the Cleveland Clinic, including information on the function of the digestive system, its organs and more.

Your Digestive System and How It Works | National Institute of ...


How do digestive juices in each organ of the GI tract break down food? ... by each digestive organ, including movement of food, type of digestive juice used, and ...

What are the main organs of the digestive system? | Reference.com


The digestive system involves the mouth, throat, esophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine, pancreas, liver and gallbladder. The main organs involved ...


mcb.berkeley.edu/courses/mcb32/Miller notes- digestive system

The major parts of the digestive system: ... Small Intestine; Large Intestine; Rectum; Accessory digestive organs: liver, gallbladder, pancreas .... absorption of vitamins (B and K); produce small fatty acids used as energy by GI epithelial cells  ...

Introduction to the Digestive System - Organs and processes by ...


The structure and functions of the main parts (organs) of the digestive system ... disorders of the digestive system, among which appendicitis is often included.