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International Talk Like a Pirate Day (ITLAPD, September 19) is a parodic holiday created in 1995 by John Baur (Ol' Chumbucket) and Mark Summers (Cap'n ...


3 days ago ... International Talk Like A Pirate Day happens this Tuesday, September 19. The International Day of talking like a pirate began in 2002 and is ...


Pirate glossaries, translators and name generators ... Pirate Speak – an English- to-Pirate translator capable of converting anything from a few words to an entire ...


Ye have discovered Captain Booty's - Official Talk Like A Pirate Crash Course. A bountiful listing of pirate speak to help ye celebrate International Talk Like a ...


Learning how to talk like a pirate takes practice and patience.


Need help to talk like a pirate on Be a Pirate Day? Arrr, matey, ye've come to the right place. Plunder yer pirate translation here, and speak like a pirate in no ...


Talk Like a Pirate Day is Sept. 19. Here's a handy guide to sounding somewhat authentic.


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