Information on Planting Herbs
Herbs add flavor and fragrance to the home. Planting and maintaining a herb garden provides you with fresh culinary, fragrant and medicinal herbs right at your fingertips. Many herbs are perennials with good tolerance to drought and resistance to disease... More »

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There's no better choice for container planting than flavorful herbs such as basil, rosemary, thyme and parsley. You can have your herbs close to the kitchen, on ...

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The gardening experts at show how to plant a simple kitchen herb garden.

Herb Gardening - Bonnie Plants

Planting Herbs in Fall. Have mild winters where you live? Meet some delicious herbs that will thrive in cooler weather. Close up of Brandywine tomato ...
Herbs make good companion plants in numerous ways. Another idea is that the companion plant actually provides a breeding and safe area for the beneficial insects that will do the protection. If you grow asparagus, planting parsley or basil alongside your asparagus bed... More »
By Amy Jeanroy, Guide

Herb Gardening For Beginners - The Tasteful Garden

The main requirement for growing Herbs is growing them in the proper location. Most prefer full sun as long as regular summer temperatures don't rise above 90  ...

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An urban herb garden, planted in a raised bed with a free-draining soil blend that herbs love. PEOPLE have used herbs for their culinary and healing properties ...

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Whether you choose to grow inside or out, all herbs need plenty of sunlight, moderate temperatures, and a soil or potting mix that drains well. Keep in mind that ...

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Here are some smart tips for growing herbs, like how to improve the soil, fertilize, and design knot gardens.

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Plant these popular herbs in your garden like basil, thyme, and dill, and enjoy some fresh-from-the-earth taste at your dinner table.

Popular Q&A
Q: When to Plant Herbs.
A: Types of Herbs. Not all herbs have the same seasons. Read More »
Q: How to Plant Herbs
A: Decide what you would like to grow and where. Most herbs can be planted in a garden or in a six-inch or larger container with a drainage hole. Some flourish in ... Read More »
Q: How old is the plant herb
A: There are more than 800 varieties of herbs & plants. Is there one s... ...MORE... Read More »
Q: What is this plant/herb?
A: That's milkweed. It isn't psychoactive, but can be toxic depending on the species. Read More »
Q: What types of plants & herbs are these?
A: Mint and chives. The lemony one might be lemon balm. Read More »