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In the laboratory, platinum wire is used for electrodes; platinum pans and supports are used in thermogravimetric analysis because of ...

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Element Platinum (Pt), Group 10, Atomic Number 78, d-block, Mass 195.084. Sources, facts, uses, scarcity (SRI), podcasts, alchemical symbols, videos and ...

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This WebElements periodic table page contains uses for the element platinum.

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Platinum is widely used as a catalyst for chemical reactions. The most important use of platinum is in vehicles, as a catalytic converter, facilitating the complete ...

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Uses of Platinum. Platinum is widely used as a catalyst for chemical reactions. The most important use of platinum is in vehicles, as a ...

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The reason why platinum is today the most valuable of precious metals is ... Platinum has multiple and essential applications while new uses for platinum are  ...

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The platinum group metals are used in a wide variety of industries. This section describes many of the major uses of platinum group metals and their unique ...

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Feb 17, 2014 ... While platinum is probably most widely known for being used to make jewelry, it also has a broad range of other possible uses. Below is an ...

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Aug 1, 2016 ... Properties, sources and uses of the element platinum.

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Platinum is a chemical element with the symbol Pt and atomic number 78. ... Other uses of platinum include in oxygen sensors, spark plugs, turbine engines ...