Unlike paranormal phenomena, these hypothetical concepts are based on empirical observations and ...... "The lab that asked the wrong questions". Nature 446 ...

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Paranormal Phenomena · Discover · Answer ... Is belief in the paranormal a form of escapism? Best answer: Yes I ..... Answer questions, 2 points. Choose a Best ...

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My answers are rooted in sound scientific principles and proposed theories on cause and effect of paranormal phenomena. I can answer equipment questions,  ...
This month, 31 true stories of ghosts, time slips, poltergeists, strange creatures, and more, including: "Bag of Hexes," "Black-Eyed Kids at the Window," "Crowded by My Guardian Angel," "Driveway Dimension Shift," "Elevator Ride to the Future," "Hot Looking Ghost," "The... More »
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Conversation Questions Supernatural, Ghosts and Superstitions. A Part of Conversation Questions for the ESL Classroom. Related: The Unexplained ...

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Paranormal Activity questions and answers, together with trivia, quotes, trailers and more. Ask anything you want to know, or answer other people's questions.

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Subscribe to our Question of the Week: ... Paranormal activity is an encompassing term that includes not only ghosts and hauntings and demonic activity, but ...

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Experiments done by 'believers' typically confirm paranormal phenomena while ... The same questions that were asked by researchers a century ago are still ...

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Learn about Paranormal phenomena on UFOs, ghosts, aliens and other mysterious things and occurrences in our world... Have a question?

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Q: Why are there only 2 pages of Questions in Paranormal Phenomena?
A: When I first came on here..I asked the same So many other sections have so many questions and are constantly turning over. In a way..I like it that... Read More »
Q: I have a question about paranormal phenomena?
A: Why would the ghosts flush the toilet if they were pooping on the ground? What you have here is not pooping ghosts. Those of us who are experts on such things r... Read More »
Q: My question is "Is Paranormal Phenomena real?
A: Thank you for your question, Tia. I don't mean to seem trite, but any event that occurs outside the "norms" that we understand or believe is, by definition, "pa... Read More »
Q: My question is could it be bad? Paranormal Phenomena
A: Hi Ramiro, Opinions vary on whether black means nasty, or not. That doesn't automatically follow. I have never met an orb I didn't like, they always seem incr... Read More »
Q: How to Study Paranormal Phenomena.
A: 1. Understand the scientific method. Though the study of paranormal phenomena usually falls outside the scope of mainstream science, it is still approached usin... Read More »