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The question of whether to raise the minimum raise is one that is highly contested, with economists and politicians alike taking positions on both sides of the issue. Proponents in...

Effects of Raising Minimum Wage
Every few years, especially when the economy is doing well, the debate concerning raising the federal minimum wage comes up. While there are several states that already pay higher than they are required to by federal law, most states only enforce the... More »
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Raise The Minimum Wage


Provides news, quick facts, resources, and campaigns to raise the minimum wage at the state and federal levels. From the National Employment Law Project.

Minimum Wage Question and Answer | Raise The Minimum Wage


However, the remaining states and the federal government have not yet indexed their minimum wages. As a result, they erode in value each year. Raising the ...

The argument was that ending slavery would bankrupt America. But the issue of paying people enough to live on is about ethics, not just economics." I just don't see any moral, ethical, or economic reason why it must be done on the back of small business. More »

Minimum Wage Mythbusters - U.S. Department of Labor


Myth: Raising the minimum wage will only benefit teens. Not true: The typical minimum wage worker is not a high school student earning weekend pocket money ...

Raise the Wage | The White House


In the 2014 State of the Union address, President Obama called again on Congress to raise the national minimum wage, this time from $7.25 to $10.10 an hour, ...

The Real Argument For Raising The Minimum Wage - Forbes


Jul 31, 2015 ... VideoThere continues to be a great deal of debate over the economic impact of the federal minimum wage. Does it serve as a drag because it ...

Four Reasons Not to Raise the Minimum Wage; by Cato


It Would Result In Job Loss. Evidence of job losses have been found since the earliest imposition of the minimum wage. • The first 25-cent minimum wage in ...

2014 Job Creation Faster in States that Raised the Minimum Wage ...


At the beginning of 2014, 13 states increased their minimum wage. Of these 13 states, four passed legislation raising their minimum wage (Connecticut, New ...

Popular Q&A
Q: When are they raising minimum wage?
A: The Federal minimum wage will be raised to $7.25 per hour from $6.55 per hour on Read More »
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Q: Why raise minimum wage?
A: because people think that a fast food unskilled high school drop out deserves 15 dollars an hour, not knowing it will increase the prices of the product the com... Read More »
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Q: Why raise minimum wage?
A: I haven't heard of it either but I say great! People working full time jobs can barely pay rent. If they get sick or injured they have colossal health bills tha... Read More »
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Q: Are they raising minimum wage in Colorado?
A: The minimum wage in Colorado is $7.28 as of January 1, 2009 when it was Read More »
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Q: Pros of Raising Minimum Wage.
A: Stimulating the Economy. According to policy analyst Kai Filion of the Economic Policy Institute, a $1 increase of the minimum wage produces $800 of additional ... Read More »
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