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The inline hockey rink is an inline rink which is rectangular with ... Its recommended size measures 80 feet (24 m) wide by 180 feet ...

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Roller hockey rink dimensions are rarely uniform. Most governing bodies allow for a range of sizes. This guide explains the most common rink dimensions.

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2012-14 Official Rules of Inline Hockey. 9. PLAYING AREA. Rule 1. Rink ... and must adhere to the dimensions and specifications prescribed by USARS and.

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Ice hockey's rink size is the same as the ideal for inline hockey rinks, but in practical fact, many matches of inline hockey games are played throughout the world ...

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Build your inline hockey rink with Matéflex's latest indoor hockey flooring, outdoor hockey flooring, and roller hockey flooring.

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Note: For IIHF Championships the size of the rink shall be a minimum .... tion to establish consistency throughout the sport of inline hockey regardless of where it  ...


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Apr 1, 2008 ... (a) Roller hockey shall be played on a plastic tiled, wooden, ... (c) Dimensions of the rink surface may vary between 70 to 90 feet in width and ...

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Playing rink. Roller inline hockey is played on sport tile, wood, asphalt or cement. The recommended size of the rink is 50m x 24m, however surface dimensions ...

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(a) As nearly as possible, the dimensions of the rink shall be 200 feet long and 85 -100 feet wide. The corners shall be uniformly rounded in the arc of a circle ...

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Residential Outdoor and Indoor inline hockey rinks for your home. A SnapSports ® backyard rink or indoor gym will provide your family a lifetime of fun and safe ...

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(a) Roller in-line hockey shall be played on wood, asphalt, cement or sport tiled ... (c) Dimensions of the rink surface may vary between 20 and 30 meters in ...

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Roller hockey courts for both indoor and outdoor use installed by Sport Court. Sport Court's roller hockey court surfacing offers ideal traction and shock ...

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Jan 17, 2009 ... International Federation of Roller Sports. ROLLER INLINE HOCKEY. RULES OF THE GAME. AND ... Team Size . ... Rink Condition .