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Roller hockey (in British English), rink hockey (in American English) or quad ... and a maximum of 44x22) or any size between the minimum and maximum values that has a 2:1 size ratio with a 10% margin of error.


Professional Inline Hockey Association games are played on a ... The minimum size is 65 by 165 feet (19.81 by 50.29 meters).


Roller hockey rink dimensions are rarely uniform. Most governing bodies allow for a range of sizes. This guide explains the most common rink dimensions.


2012-14 Official Rules of Inline Hockey. 9. PLAYING AREA. Rule 1. Rink ... and must adhere to the dimensions and specifications prescribed by USARS and.


(a) Roller in-line hockey shall be played on wood, asphalt, cement or sport tiled ... (c) Dimensions of the rink surface may vary between 20 and 30 meters in ...


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