Some signs of transmission problems are the transmission refusing to go into gear, the smell of burning transmission fluid and noises coming from the transmission when the car is ...

Signs of Transmission Problems
There are several indicators when a vehicle may be experiencing transmission problems. If you notice any of the warning signs of transmission problems you should bring your car to a reputable repair shop immediately. Depending on the problem,... More »
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Transmission problems can be some of the most expensive auto repairs you undertake. Check these 5 signs of what could be major transmission issues.

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The top 5 signs of transmission trouble could indicate major problems. Visit HowStuffWorks to see the top 5 signs of transmission trouble.

10 Most Common Transmission Problems


Diagnosing car problems yourself may seem like an impossible task, but try to think of ... Here is a list of 10 symptoms of transmission trouble and what signs you ...

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1. Problems with shifting gears. Since your car's gears are an integral part of the transmission, irregularities with shifting gears are an almost certain sign your ...

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When a modern automatic transmission begins to fail, few signs may let us know. Computers allow them to operate and not show outward signs of a problem ...

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What are the signs that a transmission is going bad? ... If you are having problems with your transmission, you may notice that there are vibrations or hesitancy ...

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Jul 4, 2012 ... Diagnosing transmission problems was once a time consuming, potentially ... Transmission Trouble Signs: Checking Fluid Level, Color & Smell ...

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The following are key signs your transmission may be in trouble. ... This is way too often overlooked by owners trying to solve transmission shifting problems!

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Q: What are signs of transmission problems?
A: Gears slipping, such as sudden high RPM's and loss of power while driving. Failing to change gears at a certain RPM in an automatic. Read More »
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Q: Signs of Transmission Problems.
A: Delayed Engagement. Your car takes awhile to move or doesn't move at all when the shift is put in drive or reverse. This is often referred to as "morning sickne... Read More »
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Q: Signs of transmission problem?
A: Some of the early signs of transmission trouble will be gear slipping (this is usually felt as a jerk of the car when it changes gears) or loud engine "reving" ... Read More »
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Q: What Are The Signs Of Transmission Problems?
A: On a automatic with a tach ,your tach will go above 2 grand before shifting on level ground unless your hotrodding the motor. Revving the motor and shifting la... Read More »
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Q: Is it a sign of transmission problems or something else.
A: Hi, Sorry to hear your having a problem. First I would check the tie balance. If your car 'threw' a tire weight this can cause a shaking sensation and also set ... Read More »
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