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Most commonly used cooking terms. Learn with flashcards, games, and more — for free.


Don't let simple cooking terms cause confusion in your kitchen. Use this article's easy-to-understand definitions to take the mystery out of recipes.


Nov 14, 2010 ... In order to follow a recipe there certain basic cookery terms that you should be familiar with. There's no real secret to it and you don't need any ...


AL DENTE: Italian term used to describe pasta that is cooked until it offers a slight resistance to the bite. BAKE: To cook by dry heat, usually in the oven.


Apr 11, 2007 ... A comprehensive, layman-friendly guide to cooking terms. ... You need to know what they mean in order to understand even basic recipes.


BASIC COOKING TERMS. _____ 1. Bake. A. To cut into very small cubes. B. To cook over, under, or in front of hot coals or a gas. _____ 2. Barbecue or electric ...


Glossary of Basic Cooking Terms greenpeppers ... Usually refers to the cooking of pasta but also applies to vegetables that are blanched, left still slightly crisp.


Ever look at a recipe and get stumped by an unfamiliar term? Don't let the lingo of cooking terms discourage you from trying a new food. Read on for a glossary...


Jan 5, 2015 ... Mastering common cooking terms will improve your kitchen experience and the food you serve.