Southeast Indian Foods
Southeast Indian foods are known for their intense, but not spicy flavors. The curries in this region make use of a variety of spices such as cumin, cinnamon and coriander. Others feature onions, tamarinds, coconuts or curry leaves. The sauces can be... More »
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Indigenous peoples of the Southeastern Woodlands - Wikipedia, the ...

Southeastern Woodlands peoples, Southeastern cultures, or Southeast Indians are an ethnographic classification for Indigenous peoples that have traditionally ...


This page list and contains many interesting facts about the American Indian tribes of the Southeast region of North America. There is information on their tribal ...

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Member of any of the Native American peoples of the southeastern United States. The boundaries of this culture area are somewhat difficult to delineate, ...
Indians of the Greater Southeast. Chapters are provided on the Native American peoples in their original places: the Timucuas in what is now Florida and Georgia (Jerald T. Milanich); the Guales of Georgia on the Atlantic coast (Rebecca Saunders); the Apalachees of nort... More »
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Visit this site for facts and information about Southeast Native Americans. Geography, Climate, Environment, Animals, Crops, Culture and housing of the ...

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The Southeast region has rich soil that helps with farming. The Atlantic Ocean and the the Gulf of Mexico both border different parts of the region. It is very warm  ...

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The Indians of the Southeast were considered members of the Woodland Indians . About 4000 years ago, there were many different Southeast Woodland Indian ...

Southeast Tribes

They were forced to relocate to Indian Territory (present-day Oklahoma) in ... Living in Georgia and Alabama, the Creek were a dominant tribe of the southeast .

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Native Americans Tribes. Southeast Region: Tribal History. Below are brief descriptions about the tribes that artist Dave McGary focuses on in his bronze ...

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Q: What did the southeast Indians hunt?
A: they mostly ate buffalo, deer, and rabbits. Read More »
Q: What did southeast Indians eat?
A: From what I understand, they ate a bunch of corn (which was used in many dishes, recipes, and even liquor) meat (they hunted bears and turkey) and veggies, as w... Read More »
Q: What are some southeaster indian tribes?
A: Jicarilla Apaches, Zuñi, Hopi ~ Hopituh, Read More »
Q: What was forced march of native americans from the southeast to i...
A: The Trail of Tears was the Read More »
Q: Southeast Cherokee Indian Foods.
A: Fry Bread. A traditional dish for many different Native American cuisines, fry bread is flour, water, and a leavening agent made into a dough, rolled thin and f... Read More »