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Spam (stylized SPAM) is a brand of canned precooked meat products made by Hormel Foods Corporation. It was first introduced in 1937 and gained popularity ...

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Recipes. The 2-Step SPAM® Grilled Cheese. Try me! +. recipe image. Recipes. Bow Tie SPAM® Salad. Try me! +. recipe image. Recipes. Favorite Meat Loaf.

8 Things You Didn't Know About Spam (Like, Why You Should Try It)


Mar 11, 2014 ... The phrase “spam mail” was inspired by the below 1970 Monty Python sketch in which the canned meat is portrayed as ubiquitous and ...

How spam is made - history, used, processing, parts, product ...


Spam is a brand name for a canned meat product containing ham, pork, salt, flavorings, and preservatives that are mixed and cooked under vacuum pressure.

Spam Turns 75: 10 Things You Didn't Know About the Canned Meat


Jul 9, 2012 ... A can of Spam meat made by the Hormel Foods Corporation is pictured outside a store in front of a delivery truck in Silver Spring, Maryland, on ...

Why is Spam (that revolting tinned luncheon meat) called Spam? It ...


The next question is why is unsolicited email called spam. DP Morgan, Amsterdam NL ... SPAM is an acronym: Special Processed American Meat. Ben, London.

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Learn about Spam history and the history of the meat canning process. ... Hormel did a successful fresh-meat business, but all fresh meats basically looked ...

The Origin of SPAM (The Food) & Spam (The Email) | Mental Floss


Feb 27, 2009 ... SPAM (The Food Item) First, let's get the ingredients out of the way. SPAM is chopped pork shoulder meat with ham, salt, water, sugar, and ...

How the Word “Spam” Came to Mean “Junk Message”


Sep 10, 2010 ... While some have suggested that this was because SPAM (as in the Hormel meat product) is sometimes satirized as “fake meat”, thus spam ...

America's Miracle Meat: The Story of Spam (+ 3 Recipes)


Jan 20, 2015 ... Email users adopted the “spam” moniker to refer to any unwanted, mass emails — because Spam (the meat) was often unwanted and yet ...

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From Hormel Foods Corporation. Includes history, fan club, and facts.

A Brief History of Spam, an American Meat Icon - Eater


Jul 9, 2014 ... For a six-ingredient food product, it's taken on a life of its own. Spam — the square-shaped mash-up of pork, water, salt, potato starch, sugar, ...

The Spam Factory's Dirty Secret | Mother Jones


Workers slice off the ears, clip the snouts, chisel the cheek meat. caption TK ... On the other bank is the Spam Museum, where former plant workers serve as ...