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Trichoptilosis schizotrichia, and informally split ends, is the splitting or fraying of the hair-shaft due to excessive heat and mechanical stress. Split ends in different  ...


Apr 25, 2017 ... Not ready to make the chop? These DIY split-end remedies will revive your hair so you don't have to commit to a trim.


Follow these tips to find a regimen that minimizes split ends: Wash your hair no more than three ...


Jul 12, 2016 ... You have a head full of hair except for some "thinning" towards the ends. Does this sound like you? Split ends could be to blame. Besides ...


Feb 6, 2015 ... You can take a deep breath; having split ends is not the end of the world… especially if you have on hand your favorite paleo hair care products ...


There's no hair enemy as fierce and unyielding as the much-dreaded split end— so when experts offer up advice on how to get rid of split ends without cutting, ...


Apr 28, 2016 ... How to prevent split ends with basic styling techniques ... Washing hair every other day allows the body to repair hair with its own natural oils ...


Feb 3, 2017 ... It's true: There IS a way of getting rid of split ends without cutting off your hair.


Jan 27, 2015 ... Once your hair has split, repairing with a hair mask is impossible. ... “These masks act like a Band-Aid to smooth and mend frayed ends.


7 Ways to Prevent Split Ends: Even if you cannot repair the split end, you can prevent new ones from occurring. All you have to do is take a little care.