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Star Wars expanded universe

Star Wars Expanded Universe (also known as the EU), encompasses all of the .... The timeline below uses the in-universe BBY dating system, based on the years ..... the shelves, usually right next to...

The Ultimate Star Wars Timeline -

The Ultimate Timeline is frozen in carbonite. DVD Editorial Posted By Brian on September 13, 2006: Thoughts on the state of Star Wars on DVD Timeline ...

TheForce.Net - Ultimate Timeline - More Ultimate Timeline

Star Wars Night With The Tampa Bay Storm Reminder ... Click on a link below to discover the great content our Ultimate Timeline section has to offer!

Ultimate Star Wars Timeline - Star Wars Fanpedia - Wikia

Once Upon a Galaxy is a chronology website created by Eddie van der Heijden to assemble every event of the Star Wars saga in chronological order. Much of ...

Star Wars Timeline - Star Wars Wiki Guide - IGN

Star Wars Timeline - Star Wars: The Star Wars timeline tracks the canonical stories ... A group of freedom fighters steal the plans to the Empire's ultimate weapon, ...

Timeline of galactic history - Wookieepedia, the Star Wars Wiki

This is a timeline of galactic history recording the galaxy's important events. ... The Force Wars on Tython begin between the followers of Ashla and the followers of ...... Mandalore the Ultimate begins secretly summoning clans from across the ...

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Ultimate Star Wars® is an in-depth visual feast exploring the characters and ... So for example, the section on vehicles will have a Vehicle Timeline that covers ...  · More about this product »

Events in chronological order of the Star Wars (expanded) universe.

The Star Wars Timeline Almanac - Star Wars Links

Links to locations where you can find official Star Wars stories as well as ... The Ultimate Timeline (My original source, not updated in several years) ...

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Q: Is there an end to the Star Wars timeline?
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A: Throuout the whole saga including the new star wars movies, Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader is the ultimate character. It talks about his life to his downfall and ... Read More »
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A: They go 4, 5 and 6. That is all. Read More »