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Glossary of surfing


This glossary of surfing includes some of the extensive vocabulary used to describe various .... "Appendix A-Glossary of Surfing Lingo". The Art of Surfing: A  ...

Even More Surfing Slang - Surfing Waves


A list of popular surfing terms, expressions and slang for the letters N through to Z .

Surfin' Slang - Cougartown


Apr 22, 2003 ... Banzai: A gung-ho type of yell given by surfers as they shoot the curl (also see " Cowabunga"). Banzai Pipeline: A surf spot on the North Shore ...

Surfer and Hawaiian Slang Dictionary - Letter B - at krankykids.com


Surf, surfin' and surfer slang are different than Hawaiian slang (that's rooted in the Hawaiian language) and common Hawaiian words - all three are at Kranky ...

The Glossary of Surfing Terms - SurferToday.com


... and technical words. The glossary of surfing is an authentic dictionary of surf culture. ... Surfing: a sport rich in terms, names, words, expresssion and slang | ...

Surf Lingo — BOATHOUSE


360. A surfing move where the surfer and board spin 360 degrees on the face of the wave. ACCELERATE. To achieve max speed from a hard bottom turn so that  ...

Surf Talk | Terms and Slang - Tidal Push


Surf Talk. Surfing terms, slang you will probably hear in and out of the water. It definitely isn't comprehensive, trying to stay away from the obvious/ self ...



From Aloha to Zimzala, Riptionary has the surf lingo, jargon, slang and technical ... through surfing, past and present with Riptionary, the Surf Lingo Lexicon.

Surf, Wave & Surfboard Terminology - Surfing Vancouver Island.com ...


Surf & Wave Terminology - when a surfer speaks, what does it all mean? ... bonzer - in Australia, bonzer is equivalent slang for "Bitchen". The term was adopted ...

Surfing lingo - // Australia's surfing coast //


As a 'kook' (beginner surfer), it may take a while to learn how to walk the talk (so to speak). Here's a little bit of surfing lingo that will at least help you talk the talk: ...

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Surfing Terms - Surfing Waves


Slang from 1960's surf culture, cried out enthusiastically when surfing — The surfer's cry "Cowabunga" as they climb a 12 foot wall of water and "take the drop." .

Appendix:Glossary of surfing - Wiktionary


This page describes jargon, slang and technical terms related to surfing and surf .... (slang, Australia) Term used to describe a member of a Surf lifesaving club.

The Complete Surf Slang Dictionary | GrindTV.com


Jul 9, 2003 ... bat wing-When you come in from surfing, and your sticky testes cling to your leg like a bat's wing. ... brecky-Classic slang for after-surf breakfast.