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The Birth-Mark


The birthmark represents various things throughout the story. Two of the main representations are imperfection and mortality.

Birthmark Meanings – Shapes, Location on Body and Spiritual ...


Birthmarks are a common phenomenon during and after birth. They differ in sizes with some people having tiny ones and others having some big ones.

What Birthmarks Mean? Superstitions and Spiritual Meanings


Oct 3, 2015 ... Collection of stories and meanings of birthmarks adorning your physical body.

Psychic Birthmarks - Paranormal - LoveToKnow


There is a growing field of interest in psychic birthmarks. Many believe that the birthmarks people are born with tell something about their psychic past, but do ...

What birthmark tells? | iinuu


Dec 20, 2008 ... Sometimes birthmarks have a special meaning too, after their .... I have three moles in triangular shape on my left arm.what it represents?

The Birthmark in The Birthmark - Shmoop


OK, so the birthmark represents Georgiana's humanity, which Hawthorne indicates is equivalent to representing her flaws. It is man's nature to be mortal and ...

Birthmark Shape and Location Meanings | Sophisticated EDGE


Birthmarks, which are simply colored spots on skin, have long been suspected of having a meaning. Different cultures have different beliefs based on folklore ...

SparkNotes: The Birthmark: Themes, Motifs, and Symbols


Georgiana's birthmark symbolizes mortality. According to the narrator, every living thing is flawed in some way, nature's way of reminding us that every living ...

Number 3 Symbolism, 3 Meaning and Numerology


Dec 19, 1998 ... Numerology, meaning and symbolism of the number 3. ... mostly because I have a birth mark on my leg of three roughly shaped dots in a row(.

Strawberry Birthmarks Meaning, Causes, on Face, Head, Myths ...


Strawberry Birthmark Meaning, Causes, Pictures & Myths .... Birthmark Removal Cost · Birthmark Meanings – Shapes, Location on Body and Spiritual Meanings ...

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Birthmark Meaning - What does your birthmark say about you?


Jun 18, 2014 ... But is there a special meaning to birthmarks? Where do they come from? ... A mole on the ear is an auspicious sign as it represents good luck.

Is There Special Meaning to Birthmarks? - OutofStress.com


The meaning ascribed to a birthmark can also differ depending on the gender .... It's like the lines on your palm but this is on my finger and it's a symbol of some ...

The BirthMark of Cain | GnosticWarrior.com


Sep 2, 2015 ... Many different stories, tales, interpretations and symbols have been ... meaning of this mark which I have stated above is really a birthmark that ...