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Timing Belt. Replacement. Interval Guide. WEATHERLY INDEX. CATALOG NO. EDITION. SUPERSEDES. 400. 431-1448A. 2010. 428-1466 (2005).


Your vehicle owner's manual will recommend at what mileage the timing belt must ... Timing belt replacement is not a cheap job but it is far less costly than the  ...


Feb 22, 2007 ... Your mechanic says your timing belt failed, then he chuckles into his shirt pocket. Now he gets to charge you for the tow, the belt replacement ...


As one of the world's major belt manufacturers, Gates provides guidelines for installers on how to remove replace timing belts.


Avoid Costly Engine Damage. Change Your Timing Belt. At The Recommended Interval. Interference Engines & Timing Belt. Replacement Recommendations.


Oct 22, 2015 ... How to Change a Timing Belt. Generally timing belt problems present themselves with no warning. There is no squeak that lets you know it is ...


We're sure this How to Replace a Timing Belt article will help you get your car ... Edit Guide ... Loosen the timing belt cover bolts and remove the timing belt cover


When changing a timing belt, you are doing more than just replacing an old belt. What you are doing, ... Alignment guide plate (3418). 4. Cam gear holding bar ...


Here is the link to Timing Belt Replacement Interval Guide, courtesy of Gates corporation. In this guide, the interference engines are marked with the star sign.