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Water safety starts at home. ... Follow these safety tips whenever you are in, on or around water. ... Establish rules for your family and enforce them without fail.


Obey pool and water safety rules : No running, no eating, no gum, no glass containers. Get out at the first sign of thunderstorms or lightning. If there is no ...


Water Safety Tips from our friends at the International Swimming Hall of Fame ( ISHOF). Teach children water safety and swimming skills as early as possible.


Whether you're bathing your baby in the sink or splashing around with your toddler in the bathtub, water is great fun for kids. But safety must come first.


Why Is It Important to Be Safe in the Water? ... even at your own house, and that's why you need to know how to be safe around water. ... Always obey pool rules.


Most water-related accidents can be avoided by knowing how to stay safe and ... of water, it's a great idea to take swimming lessons that provide you with tips on ...


WATER SAFETY RULES. Prevent drowning! Never swim alone. Kids need to ask an adult before going in or around a pool or spa. Adults should also never ...


When we think of water safety, we often think of the potential for young children to drown. But drowning also is a concern for teens and young adults.


Swimming is a great activity and something the whole family can enjoy. But it also comes with risk and water safety should be a concern for you and your family.


More than 600 children drown every year. But you can help bring down this tragic number. We'll show you how to make nearly every body of water—from your ...