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Platinum is a chemical element with symbol Pt and atomic number 78. It is dense, malleable, ... Consequently, platinum is often found chemically uncombined as native platinum. Because it .... Platin...

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Named from the Spanish word for silver, platinum is a lustrous, silvery-white metal ... Platinum is found in its pure native form, or in platiniridium, a natural alloy of ...

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Platinum can occur free in nature and is sometimes found in deposits of gold- bearing sands, primarily those found in the Ural mountains, Columbia and the ...

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Jan 7, 2008 ... Platinum is mined in a similar way to gold and is found in only a few ... I JUST bookmarked that mainly because i have to leave right now in ...

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Electronic shell. [ Xe ] 4f<sup>14</sup> 5d<sup>9</sup> 6s<sup>1</sup>. Energy of first ionisation. 867 kJ.mol <sup>-1</sup>. Energy of second ionisation. 1788 kJ.mol <sup>-1</sup>. Discovered by. Julius Scaliger in 1735 ...

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Unlike nearly all metals and crude oil which are found throughout the world, important ... South Africa's prodigious platinum production comes mainly from ...

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Platinum is the rarest and most expensive of the popular precious metals. ... In Australia, Platinum nuggets have been found in the Fifield District of Cunningham  ...

Platinum is a very precious metal used mostly in jewellery design.


Platinum can be found in native platinum form as grains and nuggets or within copper ... It is mainly used in jewellery design but has also been used in magnets , ...

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The main form in which platinum metals are found in ore is platinum minerals, about 90 of ... Placer deposits of platinum ores are mainly Mesozoic and Cenozoic ...

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Platinum can also be found in what are call Alluvial deposits which are sands ... from this site are in fact Palladium with the remainder being mainly Platinum.

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Platinum is found in layers of sulphides, which are located in some igneous rocks . South Africa and Russia have the largest reserve of this rare...

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Platinum is a rare metal and difficult to find. This is what makes it such a valuable metal. Platinum can be found in its pure form, but is most often found together ...

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Nov 23, 2016 ... A look at the top platinum-producing and palladium-producing countries in 2015.