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Different heart diseases | World Heart Federation


World Heart Federation different heart diseases. ... In some cases, the infection affects the heart and may result in scarring the valves, weakening the heart ...

Heart Disease: Symptoms & Types - WebMD


Coronary artery disease is America's No.1 killer, affecting more than 13 million Americans. Enlarged Heart ... Irregular heart rhythm -- arrhythmia -- is when your heart doesn't keep up a good beat. ... Tool: Heart Rhythm Disorders. Irregular ...

Heart Conditions & Diseases Information | Heart Disorders ...


Heart Foundation – Want to Know More About a Heart Condition, their symptoms ... Heart disease is a term used to cover all the diseases that affect the heart.

Heart Disease Overview and Types - Healthline


Aug 12, 2014 ... All types of heart disease share common traits and have key differences. ... there are many types of heart diseases, each with its own set of symptoms. ... poor hygiene (some viral and bacterial infections can affect the heart) ...

Heart disease - Mayo Clinic


Heart disease describes a range of conditions that affect your heart. Diseases under the heart disease umbrella include blood vessel diseases, such as coronary ...

Heart and Vascular Disease Treatment - ThedaCare Cardiovascular ...


There are many different types of diseases that can affect the heart and vascular system. Learn about some of the most common conditions such as Coronary ...

Diabetes, Heart Disease, and Stroke | National Institute of Diabetes ...


Diabetes is a disorder of metabolism—the way our bodies use digested food for ... Low levels of HDL cholesterol increase your risk for heart disease. .... Cerebral vascular disease affects blood flow to the brain, leading to strokes and TIAs.

Circulatory system diseases | Health and medicine | Khan Academy


An understanding of how different diseases can affect your circulatory system is ... Coronary artery disease - clogging of the arteries supplying the heart- is the ...

Heart Disease - KidsHealth


Heart disease, also called cardiovascular disease, mainly affects older people. ... You know how important your heart is, so it's no wonder people worry when they ... This disease includes a variety of problems, including high blood pressure, ...

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Please choose the topic you would like to learn more about: Cancer Treatment and Effects on the HeartDiabetesInflammatory Bowel DiseaseKidney Disease ...

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Heart and Cardiovascular Diseases - WebMD


WebMD explains the different types of heart disease. ... diseases affecting heart and cardiovascular system ... But, sometimes your heart gets out of rhythm.

Heart Diseases & Disorders - Heart Rhythm Society


Having other types of heart disease can also increase the risk of arrhythmias. Heart dieases and disorders, or arrhythmias, can be electrical, circulatory, ... Heart valve problems can be inherited or develop on their own, affecting the heart's ...

Cardiovascular Conditions - American Heart Association


The Impact of Congenital Heart Defects · Understand ... High cholesterol can put you at risk for heart disease or stroke. ... Heart Valve Problems and Disease ... This group of factors can multiply your risks for heart disease, diabetes and stroke .