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The Pilgrims or Pilgrim Fathers were early European settlers of the Plymouth Colony in .... For some were taken & clapt up in prison, others had their houses besett ... to flie & leave their howses & habitations, and the means of their livelehood. .... One resulting concession that England did obtain from the Netherlands was a ...


Nov 21, 2013 ... At Home · If You (and Your Daughter) See One Superhero Movie This ... There is much more to the story about why the Pilgrims really came to America. To better understand why the Pilgrims left England to come to ... “purify” the Church of England of Catholic traditions that they did not believe to be biblical).


Find out more about the history of The Pilgrims, including videos, interesting ... in the New World, set sail from England on the Mayflower in September 1620. ... as well as fears that they would lose their English language and heritage, ... as a result of poor nutrition and housing that proved inadequate in the harsh weather.


On this day in History, Mayflower departs England on Sep 16, 1620. ... On September 16, the Mayflower left for America alone from Plymouth. ... Just after Christmas, the pilgrims began work on dwellings that would shelter them through their ... A leader in the Indian campaign for home rule, Gandhi worked all his life to ...


So the Pilgrims left England, in search of a safe place to practice their religion. They chose to go to Holland and found a home in Leiden. For 12 years, they ...


Jan 18, 1998 ... In 1620, 102 people boarded the Mayflower and set sail for America. The Pilgrims Fathers, as they are known today, founded one of the first European colonies in North America and ... They had economic problems and wanted to preserve their heritage. ... Back to top | BBC News Home | BBC Homepage


... of their own. The Pilgrims and Puritans came to America to practice religious ... Bradford, decided to leave England and start a settlement of their own so that ... King Charles I would threaten the Puritans with harsh punishments if they did not.


Nov 12, 2007 ... So the Pilgrims left England, in search of a safe place to practice their religion. They chose to go to Holland and found a home in Leiden. For 12 ...


Nov 17, 2011 ... Scrooby today is a bit of a backwater and most of the house (which is now in private hands) was demolished in 1636. ... So why did they leave? ... Like most of the English Pilgrims at Leiden, Brewster lived near the Pieterskerk, ...