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Blueberries are perennial flowering plants with indigo-colored berries from the section .... In the early part of the 20th century, White offered pineland residents cash for wild blueberry plants wi...

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Lowbush wild blueberries can't be planted or farmed like many industrial food ... through August, the plants are pruned to the ground by mowing or burning.

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Wild Lowbush blueberries are a native fruit crop to Atlantic Canada, Quebec and ... Great candidates for landscape borders, these plants will attract wildlife, and ...

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Blueberries are very versatile plants that produce fruit that are great for eating, canning or freezing, and make excellent landscape shrubs. They provide spring ...

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This blueberry bush is an heirloom variety, selected from the wild in 1911 for its superior flavor and vigor. It was one of the first blueberry cultivars named, and ...

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The wild lowbush blueberry plant, Vaccinium Augustifolium, is for the most part confined to northeastern North America. The principle commercial Wild Blueberry  ...

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Wild Blueberries primarily spread by rhizomes or underground runners. ... By taking advantage of this aspect of the biology of the plant, growers have been able ...

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Generally the wild Pacific Northwest species are called "Huckleberries" and the ... Each is a great edible landscape plant and can fill a niche in your yard.

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Identify blueberry shrubs (Vaccinium spp.) in a new garden or wild environment by looking for specific characteristics. Blueberry bushes are both edible and ...

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