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Some Advice for Anybody Having an Extra-Marital Affair


Mar 27, 2013 ... Some Advice for Anybody Having an Extra-Marital Affair. Bill Lokey. by Bill Lokey. It happens and it really stinks. You've been married for years ...

Learn How To Have An Affair & Not Get Caught | Affair Handbook


Having an affair with someone you already know or someone you see all the ..... You'll hear lots of different advice on when to push for instant messaging and ...

Having an Affair - Huffington Post


Do you want to know one of the biggest search terms that brings people to The Chic Site? It isn't a pot roast recipe, or cupcakes or even cocktails, ... Read Whole  ...

Be discreet - Having an affair: the ins and outs of infidelity ...


Be discreet - Having an affair: the ins and outs of infidelity - Keeping it secret Get rid of any proof you've been cheating (bank statements, ... Relationship Advice ...

Why We Have Affairs — And Why Not to Tell - TIME


Jul 8, 2008 ... Her surprising advice to the guilty: Honesty isn't always the best policy. ... And when you confess to having an affair, you are hurting someone ...

Dealing with an extramarital affair - Professional-Counselling.com


You are here: Home › Relationship advice › How to deal with infidelity ... If you're having an affair, you may not necessarily be caught cheating now. However ...

How To Have An Affair Without Getting Caught | YourTango


Jan 31, 2013 ... I believe if you're contemplating cheating, my advice is to always try and ... Make it crystal clear to the person you are having an affair with, what ...

Relationship Advice: "I never planned to have an affair"


Nov 8, 2010 ... Relationship Advice: "I never planned to have an affair" .... of men admit to having had an affair (15 percent of women say they've cheated).

How to Have an Affair - How Having Affairs Makes My Marriage ...


Mar 20, 2014 ... But in my marriage, having affairs works. My husband and I don't talk about it. But I'm certain our don't-ask-don't-tell rule is what has allowed ...

Why women cheat: Why women really have affairs - BootsWebMD


Every affair is different, and so are every woman's reasons for having one but there are ... Sex is a much bigger motivator for an affair now than it used to be for women. .... BootsWebMD does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

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Having An Affair? There Are Six Different Kinds | Psychology Today


Apr 5, 2010 ... You don't just "find" yourself having an affair, or "end up" in bed with someone. It's your choice, but it can be beautifully rationalized. So take a ...

How To Have An Affair Without Getting Caught | Tactics For Canadians


How to have an affair without getting caught: these cheating mistakes get 90% of people caught having an affair. Learn to avoid them at all costs!

TRACEY COX's top 12 reasons why you're having an affair - Daily Mail


Jan 8, 2015 ... Here is her advice for knowing when straying is a sure-fire sign the ... Tracey says that having an affair doesn't mean you're a monster, and ...