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Find a pepper spray antidote to lessen the burning side effects and first aid for getting the capsaicin oil off your skin.


Apr 29, 2015 ... The man in this picture had his eyes washed out with what looks like milk in a Poland Springs bottle after being pepper sprayed by the ...


Follow this 10 step pepper spray treatment process. Our infographic adds a simple visual aid and quick reference. Read more: how to neutralize pepper spray.


Removes chemical agents from the skin while preventing additional penetration and further spread of pepper spray. SABRE Decon Soothe Moistens cleaned ...


Exposure to pepper spray affects people differently, but in general, the spray acts ... Whole milk is a good antidote for alleviating the symptoms of pepper spray.

Oct 8, 2011 ... I'm waiting for a video of a peaceful protestor telling the police, "I have asthma, pepper spray will kill me." Then the cops spray him and he dies..


Fox Labs Sudecon Decontamination Wipes is a washing solution to remove and neutralize the effects of pepper spray and tear gas. Works to clean and ...


May 1, 2015 ... If you are sprayed with pepper spray, it can impair your vision and ... Know the methods of pepper spray decontamination and have an antidote ...


It tends to mitigate the pain of the pepper spray but doesn't remove it as well as a good ... For a DIY-remedy, apply a cooled tea compress of calendula, lavender, ...


Pepper Spray Treatment - If you have been sprayed, you'll need to know about pepper spray treatment. Check out this page to learn about pepper spray ...