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Early in the People's Republic, Mao Zedong would inspire ... the cheongsam as the standard female dress. At the ...

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Similarly, Chinese people pay much attention to their suit. As China is a very traditional oriental nation, it attaches much importance on etiquettes. Take dress  ...

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When going about the day-to-day tasks of working, running errands and attending school, most people in China wear the same street fashions as people  ...

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Make sure to keep clean and have clean hair, even the poorest people bathe as .... Chinese people seemed to wear mainly black, brown, blue and dark green ...

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Jul 9, 2015 ... It's a great question and you could write a book just to answer it, especially when you ...

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Chinese people have whole-heartedly embraced casual Western-style clothing. Fancy embroidered jeans are considered appropriate for weddings. In fact, the ...

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China Life People in China generally wore tunics (like long t-shirts). Women wore long tunics down to the ground, with belts, and men wore shorter ones down to ...

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Kids learn about the clothing of Ancient China. Materials ... During the Sui Dynasty poor people were only allowed to wear blue or black clothing. The color of ...

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In early China, poor people made their clothes of hemp or ramie, which is a plant ... had to wear blue or black clothes, and only rich people could wear colors.

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Since ancient times, Chinese people have been using the Chinese Zodiac animals to represent ... Why Do Chinese Wear New Red or Colorful Clothes at CNY?

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Traditional Chinese Clothing: History, Types, Features


Nowadays, however, most Chinese wear modern clothes in their daily lives, not ... Han Chinese Clothing (Han Fu): It refers to the attire worn by the Han people ...

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In Chinese culture, specific types of dress and colors are worn at specific times. There are three main types of Chinese traditional clothing: the pien-fu, the ...

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Go deep into traditional Chinese cloth with Top China Travel. ... Chinese people were wearing silk while other cultures were still dressing in animal skins.