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? The piercing is $30 plus the jewelry. A standard barbell starts at $26. So you're looking at about $56 plus tax.

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How much you can expect to pay out of pocket for a tongue piercing, including what people paid in 2014. Tongue piercings typically cost $30-$90, depending on ...

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Price should be the last criteria for choosing a place. Your tongue is very important to you, give it the best you can afford. But just so you know, tongue piercings ...

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Mar 12, 2008 ... What is the most common healing period and how can you hide an tongue peircing from your parents.
For parents that are thinking of allowing their teenager to have this procedure done, I want to point out the risk factors in quotes from expert doctors and dentists on the Net. An 18-year-old woman who came to the emergency room at LDS Hospital 15 months ago died from... More »
By Denise Witmer, Guide of Tongue Piercing&v=CkixhAU_N10
Mar 1, 2011 ... Low Prices!!!!Piercing Body Jewelry. of Tongue Piercing&v=t66B4rQHsvc
Feb 16, 2007 ... This video is from when I was 16. I took the piercing out 3 weeks later. I absolutely hated it. For all of you asking, I got the piercing at Street Ink ...

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Feb 12, 2008 ... Mine cost about $30. Mine bled just a ... You must leave the piercing one in because your tongue needs the extra bar to swell and go down.

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If you're wondering if there's a standard tongue piercing price, the short answer is no. Tongue piercing ...

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Jan 17, 2011 ... Do you have your tongue pierced? Sure, it only cost you $40, and that includes the jewelry. But in the end, it might just be the most expensive ...

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Q: Cost of tongue piercing in pa?
A: About $20 in most areas. Read More »
Q: Cost of tongue piercing in 15857?
A: 1.2 million Read More »
Q: What is the cost of a tongue piercing cost?
A: It depends on where you go but it could go from $20 to $60 sometimes if you go in and already have the hardware it is cheaper as long as it is an appropriate si... Read More »
Q: What is the average cost for a tongue piercing?
A: Piercing prices vary from state to state, but you can expect to pay Read More »
Q: What is the average cost of a tongue piercing?
A: To get your tongue pierce, it costs an average of $60. It depends on Read More »