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An abortifacient is a substance that induces abortion. Abortifacients for animals that have mated ... There are also several herbal mixtures with abortifacient claims, though there are no available ...

Herbal Abortion - Sister Zeus


Mar 29, 2004 ... Starting in the 1300's on up through the 1800's possessing the knowledge of which herbs caused a woman to abort/miscarry became very ...

Abortifacient:Herbs that can cause miscarriage - Annies Remedy


It is important to know which herbs can cause miscarriage in pregnant women and animals. Some of these herbs may be safe in small amounts, but always use  ...

Herbal remedies in pregnancy - BabyCentre


If you're considering taking herbal remedies in pregnancy, we have advice on ... May stimulate the womb (uterus), and cause miscarriage or premature labour.

Women Are Learning About Herbal Abortion Online — Here's Why ...


Jan 6, 2016 ... Today, many of the guides to herbal abortion come from blog posts or ... use of herbs to induce miscarriage, the possibility of failure was a ...

6 Ways To Have a Natural Miscarriage - Girlstalkinsmack


If you take enough vitamin C each hour it'll induce a miscarriage by inducing ... These 2 herbs help by preparing the cervix to get rid of the contents of the uterus  ...

Herbal remedies to avoid in pregnancy - BabyCenter Canada


Learn the herbal remedies that are not safe during pregnancy. - BabyCenter Canada. ... use in later pregnancy. A remedy may be known to cause miscarriages.

How to Cause a Miscarriage - New Kids Center


Here are various herbs that have been used for ages, find out how you can ... Whatever the case, it's better to know how to cause a miscarriage with safe natural ...

Inducing a late period / herbal abortion / herbal misscarriage: My ...


Jun 17, 2009 ... My experience with using herbal abortifacient to induce a late period ... which aid the uptake of vitamin C but also prevent miscarriage.

Herbal Teas That Cause Uterine Contractions | LIVESTRONG.COM


Jan 8, 2014 ... When taken in pregnancy, herbal teas could increase the risk of miscarriage and some herbs may also cause fetal harm during labor. Do not ...

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How to Have a Natural Miscarriage (No D&C) | The Healthy Home ...


These herbs are so disgusting, that I really did not want to have to drink it. Luckily I didn't have to. These are the same herbs you can help to induce a full term ...

Facing My Second Unwanted Pregnancy - The New York Times


Jun 10, 2012 ... A friend told me that there was a way to induce miscarriage using herbs. And I let myself believe her.

How to Cause a Miscarriage (Over 8 Methods for You) | New Health ...


If you're looking for how to cause a miscarriage safely and naturally, here are over ... in large quantities, these herbs might cause medical complications for you .