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Legal separation


Legal separation is a legal process by which a married couple may formalize a de facto separation while remaining legally married. A legal separation is granted  ...

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Many married couples "separate" when contemplating a permanent split or working toward eventual reconciliation. "Legal separation", however, means ...

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Jan 10, 2012 ... And typically, these couples use this “trial separation” to decide whether or not they want to pursue formal legal action. These days, however ...

The Difference Between a Legal Separation and Divorce


The difference between a legal separation and divorce is, one puts an end to your marriage, the other doesn't. There are benefits to both based on your needs.

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A married couple's relationship is breaking down. One person moves out. If they live apart, are they automatically legally separated?

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A legal separation does not end a marriage or domestic partnership. You cannot marry or enter into a partnership with someone else if you are legally separated ...

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Many people wonder how the process of legal separation works in North Carolina. Separation in North Carolina occurs on the date that a husband and wife ...

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Deciding whether to get a legal separation vs. divorce can be confusing. To make a decision, it is important to understand the legal and emotional effects of both ...

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Looking for legal separation? Learn how legal separation differs from divorce at Lawyers.com.

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legal separation. n. a court-decreed right to live apart, with the rights and obligations of divorced persons, but without divorce. The parties are still married and ...

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In a legal separation, the parties are still married, versus a divorce where the marriage is ended. A legal separation is a court order that mandates the rights and.

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Legal separation has many benefits and advantages, including providing parameters for co-parenting, child support, and spousal support while maintaining the ...

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A separation isn't the same as a divorce. Separation means that you are living apart from your spouse, but you're still legally married until you get a judgment of  ...