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Do you have a belly button piercing infection? What could cause it? How do you treat a navel piercing infection? What are some of the signs and symptoms you ...

How to Tell if a Piercing Is Infected: 9 Steps (with Pictures)


If the piercing is in an area of the body where an infection is more prone, (Ex: Ear, navel, genitals, lip) then there will be a higher risk of infection if not taken care ... simply continue with the normal cleansing process and look for signs of healing.

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The signs of an infected belly button piercing generally do not go unnoticed. Infections are caused due to growth of bacteria and fungi in the area around the ...

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Mar 8, 2011 ... I had made belly button pierced January 22nd. ... A sign of infection that you should look out for is blood, green pus/discharge, throbbing pain, ...

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Sep 30, 2015 ... Belly button piercing infections are not common if you follow the instructions from your piercer and ... How to Clear Up Infected Pierced Ears.

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Apr 24, 2013 ... My belly button is infected and here I'm giving tips on how to take care of and clean it. It improvoed ... Signs of a Healing Belly Button Piercing.

Infected Belly Button Piercing - Pictures, Symptoms, Treatment


Oct 1, 2013 ... If you just got your belly button pierced, you have to observe the piercing carefully for signs of infection. There are certain signs to tell you to ...

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... done under really nasty and dirty environment the primary cause of infection is due to the ... So, you have just gotten your new navel piercing and the piercer left you hanging. ... These symptoms often diminish or disappear within a few days.

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Feb 21, 2012 ... The signs of an infected belly button piercing generally do not go unnoticed. Infections are caused due to growth of bacteria and fungi in the ...

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If you are considering to have your belly button pierced or have just had it, this article is for you. We offer important information in regards to infected belly ...

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Q: Signs of navel piercing infection?
A: What you are experiencing is pretty much normal. If you experience extreme pain, green puss, advanced protrusion, or large puffy swelling with extreme redness, ... Read More »
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Q: What are signs of a navel piercing infection?
A: I also got mine pierced about 3 weeks ago. At the moment it is still red around the top ball, and the skin is kinda flaky, its a little itchy too! As long as it... Read More »
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Q: Early Signs of infection in a navel piercing?
A: for both of you: clear, white and slightly yellowed are normal colors of secretion with a healing piercing. both of you still have healing navel piercings for y... Read More »
Source: uk.answers.yahoo.com
Q: What are the signs that your navel piercing is healed from infect...
A: You should really check with a professional. Read More »
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Q: How to Treat a Navel Piercing Infection.
A: 1. Remove your body jewelry. Clean the site of the piercing with warm water and antibacterial soap. Cleaning the site gently will remove pus and lower the chanc... Read More »
Source: www.ehow.com