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alpaca breeders, owners, and alpaca product dealers, for the best of alpaca ... alpaca farm directory, and alpaca product marketplace with alpacas for sale ... He works well on a halter, is mild mannered and will make a great pet or fiber animal .

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Our son is busy with college now and is wanting to sell his small alpaca herd. We have two. Dixon, Iowa » Alpacas » 1 day ago. Looking for: Fleeces, wool, fiber ...

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On July 21st, a conversation took place on an alpaca chat group called AlpacaSite. The dialogue had to do with the sale of pet male alpacas. As a result of that ...
Come and see the lovely alpaca whose photos grace our photo gallery. Visitors to the About Exotic Pets site are invited to submit their photos -- instructions can be found in " How to Submit Photos ." More »
By Lianne McLeod, DVM, Guide

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Pet quality alpacas currently for sale at Bonny Doon Alpacas, California.

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Are alpacas related to llamas?; What do you do with an alpaca?; Can I have an alpaca as a pet?; Are they expensive?

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... Addition to Your Herd on AN. Search AlpacaNation's listings of over 27,000 finely bred alpacas for sale and find the right animal to expand your alpaca herd.

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Find photos of Alpacas for adoption near you. Read profiles of Alpacas personalities. Give a healthy Alpaca a home. Why buy an Alpaca for sale when you can ...

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ALPACA HERD FOR SALE - $15,000.00 Small herd of 13 huacaya alpacas for sale. 5 intact males, 7 ... They are very friendly and would be perfect as a pet.

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Q: How to Keep an Alpaca as a Pet.
A: 1. Recognize that alpacas are herd animals. Alpacas should always be kept in groups of two or more for their wellbeing. 2. Provide shelter for your pet alpaca. ... Read More »
Q: Which is a better pet alpacas or llamas?
A: Neither are pets, strictly speaking; they are wild but largely domesticated animals and are farmed, rather than petted, for food, fur (hair) and I won't mention... Read More »
Q: What are alpaca's like as pets?
A: I've only had experience with 2 full-blood alpacas (both male) a female llama, and 2 1/2 llama/1/2 alpaca males. 1) It differs widely. Our current young male al... Read More »
Q: Where can you find alpacas for sale?
A: There are many places where you can find alpacas for sale. One may purchase alpacas from online retailers such as Alpaca Nation or Alpaca Farms who deal directl... Read More »
Q: How to Find Pets for Sale.
A: 1. Visit local pet stores and view the animals for sale. Many pet stores offer various types of cats, dogs, birds, fish, rodents and reptiles. A pet store can a... Read More »