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[foh-nuh-graf, -grahf]
any sound-reproducing machine using records in the form of cylinders or discs.
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The phonograph is a device invented in 1877 for the mechanical recording and reproduction of sound. In its later forms it is also called a gramophone The sound  ...

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Edison Invents the Phonograph Thomas Edison created many inventions, but his favorite was the phonograph. While working on improvements to the telegraph ...

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In fact, the phonograph was his favorite invention. The first phonograph was invented in 1877 at the Menlo Park lab. A piece of tin-foil was wrapped around the ...

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The phonograph was developed as a result of Thomas Edison's work on two other inventions, the telegraph and the telephone. In 1877, Edison was working on ...

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On this day in History, Thomas Alva Edison patents the phonograph on Feb 19, 1878. Learn more about what happened today on History.

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Results 1 - 24 of 1893 ... Online shopping for turntables, record players, and phonographs at Amazon.com .

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He took the idea of the tin cylinder and changed it into wax and used a less rigid stylus, the result was an improved phonograph with better quality of playback.

Phonograph | Define Phonograph at Dictionary.com


Phonograph definition, any sound-reproducing machine using records in the form of cylinders or discs. See more.