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Polish personal names, like names in most Eastern European cultures, consist of two main elements: imię, the first name, or the given name; followed by ...

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Polish names are used in the country of Poland in central Europe. ..... This was the name of a 14th-century Polish queen, the daughter of a Grand Duke of ...

Polish Baby Names | Names from the Republic of Poland


A service that offers a variety of boy & girl baby names, including Polish boy & girl baby names with name, meaning, origin and gender.

Polish Names: Popularity, Etymology, History - Baby Names


Looking for a baby name with strong Christian tradition? Polish nation is the most religious in Europe! Choose from 1000's of Polish names, meanings and ...

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From Alina to Zotia, find a full list of Polish Girls names and their meanings online at Poland101.com.

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From Aineislis to Tanek, find a full list of Polish Boys names and their meanings online at Poland101.com.

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In our entire list of Polish baby names, we could only find a handful of girl names that didn't end in "a." If you're not a fan of gender bending baby names, a Polish ...

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BRATOMIŁ: Polish name composed of the Slavic elements bratu "brother" and mil "favor," hence "brother's favor." BRATUMIŁ: Variant spelling of Polish Bratomił , ...

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Polish names given to female individuals. Category:Polish diminutives of female given names: Polish diminutive names given to female individuals.