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A digital camera or digicam is a camera that produces images that can be stored in digital ... Earlier ones used a camera tube; later ones digitized the signal. ..... This makes possible sharp pictures of objects that pass the camera at high speed .


Because you can see the picture immediately and because it costs you nothing to take that picture, a digital camera has lots of other uses than just for holiday ...


Feb 2, 2015 ... Use digital cameras to capture students, learning, and professional ... The applications for photos in education are endless, with uses for ...


Gayle Berthiaume, first grade teacher from Becker, MN, shares 100 creative ideas for using digital cameras in the classroom.


Use digital cameras in your business to document your workspace for insurance purposes. Be sure to take photographs of your office detailing your business ...


A digital camera records and stores photographic images in digital form that can be ... battery that, in the case of true LiPo, uses solid polymer for the electrolyte.


digital camera applications for education. ... The Digital Camera in Education ... begin to use them as the educational tools that they show so much potential for.


Digital cameras are more convenient than film cameras, and since buying and ... Pressing the shutter uses one frame of film. Bad shot ... Possible with an SLR camera, as long as it's equipped with a macro lens or a lens with a macro function.


There are a huge range of uses of digital cameras in the classroom ... However for maximum potential the teacher must allow creativity and ...