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Taking birth control pills during pregnancy is safe, but there is no benefit to it, explains Mayo Clinic. Minipills or combination birth control pills don't appear to increase birt...

The Effects of Taking Birth Control While Pregnant
Despite taking your birth control pill faithfully at the same time everyday, there is still a chance you may get pregnant. You may not know at first that you've conceived and may continue to stay on the pill. But soon, the symptoms of pregnancy will make... More »
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Birth control pills: Harmful in early pregnancy? - Mayo Clinic


Jul 24, 2014 ... Taking combination birth control pills or minipills (progestin-only birth control pills ) during early pregnancy doesn't appear to increase the risk of ...

Birth control pill FAQ: Benefits, risks and choices - Mayo Clinic


If this happens during your first cycle off the pill, you may not have a period at all. ... What happens if you take birth control pills while you're pregnant?

Can oral contraceptives cause an abortion? | Go Ask Alice!


Sep 13, 2012 ... Continuing to take the birth control pill before or after a pregnancy is ... oral contraceptives continues with her pill pack while pregnant, she can ...

I Became Pregnant While Taking Birth Control Pills - Article ...


I was familiar with taking “the Pill.” I currently had been taking it over a year. My husband and I already had two little boys ages 4 and 2 ½. It wasn't difficult for me  ...

Will Taking the Pill While Pregnant Harm the Baby? - Contraception


Dec 16, 2014 ... Did you get pregnant while using the pill and are worrying if the pill may harm the baby? Good news: there's no solid evidence that the pill ...

birth control pill and pregnant | BabyCenter


Aug 23, 2007 ... Will the birth control pills I took hurt the baby? ... We concieved our precious boy while I was on the NuvaRing (and I had thought that I had ... is that if you do take the pills before knowing you're pregnant, then your baby is fine.

Can taking birth control pills during pregnancy affect my baby ...


No, taking birth control pills during a pregnancy does not harm the baby or the mother. This information comes from large studies of women, many who did not ...

Getting Pregnant While on Birth Control - New Kids Center


Getting pregnant while on birth control is commonly due to missed pills or drug ... Read on to learn more about how women can get pregnant while taking birth ...

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Q: Taking birth control while pregnant?
A: What are you asking...If you take birth control and don't realize you are pregnant what happens? Not much but it certianly isn't 100% healthy. If you think this... Read More »
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Q: Taking birth control while pregnant?
A: You should get her help. If she doesn't want the kid, she should have an abortion. Taking birth control pills at 5 months will probably only cause more problems... Read More »
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Q: What Are the Dangers of Taking Birth Control While Pregnant?
A: Experts suggest the estrogen in birth control pills presents a possible risk of causing cancer. Diethylstilbestrol, a synthetic estrogen, was once linked to the... Read More »
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Q: What is the risk of taking birth control while pregnant?
A: Most manufacturers of The Pill claim there is no effect from low hormone pills on a developing embryo. My own little BCP baby is now grown and currently pregnan... Read More »
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Q: What are the affects of taking birth control while pregnant?
A: There's very little evidence that exposure to the Read More »
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