Tone (literature)

Tone is a literary compound of composition, which shows the attitudes toward the subject and toward the audience implied in a literary work. Tone may be formal ...

Tone and Mood - Our English Class

The tone and mood words listed below are also available as a Word document. ... seem similar and can in fact be related causally, they are in fact quite different.

Tone - Examples and Definition of Tone - Literary Devices

Definition, Usage and a list of Tone Examples in common speech and literature. Tone, in written composition, is an attitude of a writer toward a subject or an ...

Tone/Attitude Words

Tone/Attitude Words. 1. accusatory-charging of wrong doing. 2. apathetic- indifferent due to lack of energy or concern. 3. awe-solemn wonder. 4. bitter- exhibiting ...

Tone Examples and Definition - Literary Devices

In literature, tone is the attitude or approach that the author takes toward the work's central theme or subject. Works of literature can have many different types of ...

Tone Vocabulary List - Valencia College

Tone Vocabulary List. Positive Tone/Attitude Words. Amiable. Consoling. Friendly . Playful. Amused. Content. Happy. Pleasant. Appreciative. Dreamy. Hopeful.

Tone Examples - Examples on YourDictionary

Tone Examples. Tone gives shape and life to literature, because it is through tone that the attitude and mood of a work are created and presented. Tone gives  ...

Examples of Tone in a Story

Reading some examples of tone in a story can help you to understand how tone in ... Your tone in writing will be reflective of your mood as you are writing.

Where can I find a list of different literary tones? | Yahoo Answers

Aug 2, 2007 ... Best Answer: Here's the list from my AP English Language class: hurt romantic angry sardonic despondent appreciative paranoid aloof

Mood Examples - Examples on YourDictionary

Mood is the way you are feeling or the emotional quality of a piece of art. Mood examples can help to illustrate more about mood.

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