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A humbug is a person or object that behaves in a deceptive or dishonest way, often as a hoax or in jest. The term was first described in 1751 as student slang, and recorded in 1840 as a "nautic...

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Dec 20, 2012 ... And when one of those Scrooges says "Bah Humbug!" to you, don't you wonder ... (Yesterday's usage of the phrase was in reference to the text…

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Dec 9, 2008 ... ... it is not an appropriate place to ask this question, but I'll try anyway. I would like to know what the expression "Bah humbug" actually means....

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This phrase, as a disapproval of all things to do with Christmas, ... for the term “ humbug” as applied either as in this phrase or to the sweet.

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the miser created by Charles Dickens, shouting the phrase "Bah Humbug!" While he does utter these words in the original story, he uses them ...

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1.1 [ count noun ] A hypocrite: you see what a humbug I am ... Bah humbug to him . In some places ... What do you find interesting about this word or phrase?

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Dec 24, 2015 ... The phrase may well have existed far into the past, but it was made famous by Charles Dickens in his Christmas story for 1843 when he has the ...

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Dickens famously made “Bah, humbug!” the trademark phrase of an unforgettable character, Ebenezer Scrooge. And the great showman Barnum took delight in ...

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Sep 20, 2011 ... "Bah, humbug!" You've all read Charles Dickens's A Christmas Carol or seen Ebenezer Scrooge in one of his film incarnations, such as that of ...

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Feb 25, 2016 ... Most are familiar with the phraseBah! Humbug!” made famous by the miserly character Ebenezer Scrooge in A Christmas Carol, by Charles ...

Humbug has multiple meanings. A humbug is someone or something that tricks or deceives and a type of British candy. In Ebenezer Scrooge's interjection, "Bah humbug!" the word simply means "nonsense".
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This little girl looks like she might say "bah humbug!" Licensed from iStockPhoto. interjection. The definition of bah humbug is an expression used to reject ...

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An expression used to show digust at the Christmas season, made famous by the fictional character Ebinizer Scrooge in the Charles Dickens novel 'A ...

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A “humbug” is a person or thing that is thought of as deceptive or a fraud. The phraseBah! Humbug!,” made most popular by the character Ebenezer Scrooge  ...